Armatura Record Labels / New Releases 2010

Новые выпуски и обзоры музыкальных трэков

Модераторы: Annihilating Rhythm, Игорь, zbeat, gruz

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Armatura Record Labels / New Releases 2010

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[12"ARMA 002] - Various Artists - CEMENT EP

A1 Patrick DSP Kehktot
B1 Ryuji Takeuchi & Dj Mika Obsession
B2 Mark EG & Chrissi Squelch


Avalaible as 12" vinyl + Digital Download from 16.02.2009



[ARMAB 014] - C System - BASIC

New EP on Armatura Bonus nr. 014 comes from Spanish elektro
and techno artist C-System.His many collaborations and releases
on various 12" and digital labels,and more important his productions
put him in the spotlight for a big remix EP of his dark & pounduing
track Basic.More

For this release we have gathered 4 remixers with outstanding and
different interpretations of "Basic" for every techno ear.

Full tracks can be now heard in label myspace profile player

Available in all good downlaod shops from 20.05.2009


[ACS 006] - Tuomas Rantanen - THE PHILOSOPHER EP

First solo artist EP on Clandestine recordings by Tuomas Rantanen
named The Philosopher comes with 4 massive industrial techno tracks
in recognisable style of this producer.Pure machine techno at its best!
Support comes from Glenn Wilson,Patrick DSP,Temper D,Luka Baumann,
Wetworks,Concrete Djz and many others.

"Ton Theos"


Available in all good downlaod shops from 15.05.2009


Mocha Records returns again with newly compiled beats to rock your sets and
players.This time with a compilation of previously released material bundle download.
Supported by Marko Nastic,Kobaya,Dejan Milicevic,Subotic,Sinisa Tamamovic,Vegim,Speed Progress..



[ARMA-LTD 012] - Concrete Djz - TIMELESS SPACE

AR Limited is back again with series of 10 single track releases from
label bosses themselves.Clean precussive pounding and dark vibes is
what to expect. Support comes from: Mark EG,Dj Ogi,Ryuji Takeuchi,
Dj Lukas,Dj Mita,Tony Silver..

Full Preview @ Myspace Page

Junodownload Exclusive / Out 06.06.2009



Strong,enegretic and dark techno release from Armatura Bonus on the 13th edition,including
tracks from 5 well known artists from across the globe.rRelease offers dancefloor material for
peaktime party hours.Already played by Dj Lukas,Patrick DSP,Dj Mita,Vegim,Spark Taberner
amongst many others.


visit us

Kind Techno regards from
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Re: Armatura Record Labels / New Releases 2009

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Armatura Bonus On a techno tip with 15th release coming from Serbia's no.1 soulman Subotic.
After highly acclaimed releases on Orlando Voorn's Nighvision records and other respected
labels like Kill Brique & Drehmoment his track got remixed by the almighty Technasia and
supported by a lot of big techno names. His release on E-Motionz records also was quite big with
heavyweights such as Laurent Garnier,Sasha,Christian Smith,Remute,Silicone Soul and many
others. With Relentless track on this release Subotic shows us his Techno roots with a massive and
deep track for big rigs.

Remixes come from Kibz & Dfndr (Speed Progress) for a more modern and minimal approach
and Concrete Djz for a banging metalic AR trademark club techno rework. Supported &
played by Paul Mac,C-System,Dj Mika,Patrick DSP,Tony Silver,Vegim,Lorino..

01 Subotic - Relentless (Original)
02 Subotic - Relentless (Kibz & Dfndr RMX)
03 Subotic - Relentless (Concrete Djz RMX)


Subotic - Relentless (Original Mix)

Available from 20.06.2009 as digital download


Thanks for sending this.
Digging the Kibz and Dfndr Mix a lot.

This is exactly the kind of techno i like.
The snares in original remind me of the good times of speedy j.
really love it!

Thanks! Original is cool,ill be playing it for sure.

Real kick ass release from armatura records ,
all tracks are perfect to fit diffrent styled sets.

All 3 tracks rock.
My fav. the original,massive track.
Will definitely play it.

Bass heavy goodness!
Will be playing out the original mix for sure.

Strong remix from Concrete Djz.

All 3 tunes are really interesting,kinda dark and smooth techno
i like it quite a lot!

I find "Relentless original" and Concrete Djz remix cool.
I play the original in my set.

Der Concrete DJz gef?llt mir pers?nlich am Besten. M?chtiger d?sterer
Techno mit einer gewissen Portion Groove f?r den Dancefloor.

The Original Subotic Relentess is pure Techno Fantastic, I Lovethis !

Hey guys, thnx for the promo. Original Mix from Subotic is a burner.

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Re: Armatura Record Labels / New Releases 2010

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[ARMAB020A] - Philip Row/DJ MITA/Filip Xavi/Tesk/Hadji - Pulsar A127

Pulsars are highly magnetized, rotating neutron stars that emit a beam of electromagnetic radiation.
The observed periods of their pulses range from 1.4 milliseconds to 8.5 seconds. The radiation can
only be observed when the beam of emission is pointing towards the Earth. This is called the lighthouse
effect and gives rise to the pulsed nature that gives pulsars their name. Because neutron stars are very
dense objects, the rotation period and thus the interval between observed pulses is very regular.

AR Bandcamp

AR Bonus MySpace
Armatura Rec. MySpace
Armatura Rec. Site


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