Sinisa Tamamovic - Waking Up EP. Out on SCI+TEC Digital

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Sinisa Tamamovic - Waking Up EP. Out on SCI+TEC Digital

Сообщение alina_stylianou » Пт июл 29, 2011 15:41 pm

Sinisa Tamamovic - Waking Up EP. Out today on SCI+TEC Digital Audio.

Check the 4 tracks here and plenty of DJ Tools:


Vinyl :



Alan Fitzpatrick – “A very cool ep this one! The New Generation is gonna work wellfor me! Support!"

Stacey Pullen - "Waking UP is the SHIZZY!!"

Sharam - "Love Sinisa's work. This one is simply Massive! Little People and The Drums are my picks. Waking up works too."

Dave Seaman - "The New Generation sounds wicked!! Lotsa plays coming!"

Reboot - "The New Generation, sounds good for me!! I take it and play it! "

Davide Squillace - "The Drums is the pick of the release for me…support!!

Len Faki - "Love the groove and mood of The New Generation- support!"

Carlo Lio - "Big room bombs.. all are dope.. support from me for sure!!"

Richie Hawtin - Downloaded.

Sian – “This one is huge, hit ep for the summmer for sure.. lead track "The Drums" is a smasher!”

Christian Smith – “These are perfect tools!! The Drums is wicked!”

Fergie - "Nice beats from Sinisa as usual The Drums is my fav. Will play!"

Rapha – (Partysan Magazine Germany) – “Phaaaaat!!! Another great SCI+TEC release!!”

Adam Beyer - "Great useful grooves here! I think The Drums is strongest for me."

Cirillo - "Big rollin' grooves again from SCI+TEC. The Drums my fav."

Kyle Geiger - "Little people is the one for me! Sounds very nice!"

Joseph Capriati - "The Drums is the pick of the release for me! Full support in my sets."

Dan - (Pig & Dan) - "The New Generation is my fav here… will be support big time!"

Hector Romero - "Right on time for my set tonight at Pacha, Ibz - wicked EP all the way around!!"

Gregor Tresher - "Waking Up is the one for me here, excellent groove on this one & quality EP overall. Will play!"

Ali - (Tiefschwarz) - "Great energetic release from Sinisa. The Drums will get my support."

Orde - (Slam) - "Another corker - playing The Drums for sure!! Very nice!"

Smokin’ Jo - "The Drums is def my fav of the package. Will work well at Space!"

Pig - (Pig & Dan) - "Good tribal grooves for the dancefloor here. Waking Up for me!"

Karotte - "The Drums and Waking Up are the tracks for me. Will play this 2 goodies."

Mauro Picotto - "The Drums is a great track with a real Mediterranean soul groove, super Sinisa."

Gary Beck - "Cool stuff here from Tamamovic, feeling The Drums!"

Paco Osuna - "The Drums is very nice!! Will be playing that! Full support."

Stephan Bodzin - "The Drums is the best track here for me. Very nice."

Wally Lopez - "Excellent EP by Sinisa. Nice. The New Generation is strong ..full support."

Joris Voorn - "The New Generation rocks!! Plays coming your way…"

Monika Kruse - "Oh yeah!! Drum me!!! "

Victor Calderone - "Nice EP, full support on this.. Just in time for Ibiza.. Thanks!"

Martin Eyerer - "SCI+TEC peaktime stuff...thx for sending!!! Love it. The New Generation is my fav."

Tassilo - (Pan-Pot) - "Nice drum tools here, will play The Drums."

De:Bug Magazine Germany - "Considering for review."

To the beat of the drum, Sinisa Tamamovic leads SCI+TEC
Digital Audio. His debut EP for Dubfire’s label is proof that
forging dirty organic drum sounds to ultra-clean rhythms
can have explosive results. Human-created percussion
always seems to carry a certain va-va-voom, or joie de
vivre – like the sound of free drums on a beach – and as
such, there is more than a hint of summer about the
‘Waking Up’ EP.

Lead track ‘Waking Up’ is a straight-talking jacker.
Tamamovic, who is clearly a fan of layering cut up vocals
rhythmically, uses snippets of a male voice to entice the
groove down a funky path. When he quickly switches the
vox with a heavy percussion loop on the drop, the results
are pretty merry.

‘Little People’ is perhaps the most carnival offering on the
four tracker. With big samba drum rolls, a male vocal
chant that sounds suspiciously like Buddhist monks
harmonizing with the universe, and a cut-up childlike
vocal sample, it absolutely hums of Ibiza’s outdoor
terraces. The large drum-filled breakdown and increase in
pace and tension just before the drop is rough and
slightly off point, like an overenthusiastic DJ had played
with the delay FX on a mixer before throwing the bass in
again. All the while, the monk’s ‘Ohming’ keeps the cut
firmly in the realm of a hedonistic crowd fuser.
The aptly titled ‘The Drums’ sees Tamamovic’s unique
approach to percussion fully charged with an absolute
mutiny of track. The cut features gritty snares that
snowball through the solid techno groove. The way
Tamamovic plays with the different rhythms on ‘The
Drums’ is impressive – he moves from moments of quiet
head nodding to animated sections of fist pumping using
nothing but drums. They way he pushes the tension and
atmosphere skywards with subtle tweaks of the FX and
samples is elegant - certainly the track proves he has a
perceptive mind about how cadences move people.
The final offering on the EP, ‘The New Generation’ is a
little more up-tempo and a bit more techno. With a lead
that sounds like a jet engine forever powering up, the
hard hitting DJ tool is positively explosive thanks to a
succession of Space Invader bleeps in the huge
breakdown, and a white noise symphony on the drop. It’s
loud and proud.

There are wonderful tweaks of the bass throughout the
cut, which guide it to moments of uproar. And like the A
side, the core of ‘The New Generation’ is a beat
consisting of crude drum samples precisely placed – an
infectious mix for your feet.

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