P.God - Sedna / Ghouls EP + Remixes Scalameriya, Dialect

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Модераторы: Annihilating Rhythm, Игорь, zbeat, gruz

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P.God - Sedna / Ghouls EP + Remixes Scalameriya, Dialect

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P.God (Italy)

This release is based on dark-ambient sound structures of the modern club music. Without any theorizing
you can guess what kind of release is this one on Armatura Records 27th chapter. Cold, claustrophobic,
and dynamic...The tracks Sedna and Ghouls abound with repetitive droning, while metal synth passages
properly incorporate the composition. Sedna – Dialect remix is a composition which shows the true way of
how to shuffle industrial sounding track. At the end, there is Ghouls - Scalameriya devoured remix. With
a break-beat layered kick spaced segments and fx plays ,it’s a one quality metal remix for this release.



AUDIO INJECTION[/B] "Sedna & Ghouls sound good! I'll test them out, thanks."
DRUMCOMPLEX "Hi friends,licking Sedna (Original)!!!!"
KR!Z (Token) "Dialect rmx & ghouls original for me."
COEFFICIENT "Really like the Sedna track and the Dialect remix,"
DL-E (Heaven To Hell) "Really love this release. Impossible to pick a favourite here."
LUIS RUIZ "i like the whole ep.. Sedna original is my fav.,.. thanks for the promo."
CONCRETE DJZ "Superb P.God Style tracks, Dialect remix too."
DARKMODE "I'm very impressed with this release. It's proper Techno with an edge."
MATT K "Nice! Proper underground Techno!"
DRUGSTORE "we like both originals, smart techno which drives you into a deep journey."
LUKE CREED "P.God - Ghouls.. for me... solid EP thanks."


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