REMIX CONTEST : rescue life a girl!

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REMIX CONTEST : rescue life a girl!

Сообщение Peri Mental » Вс янв 06, 2008 16:19 pm

We are starting the remix contest for a single which will be released to help the girl not to die. In this charity contest can participate all musicians or creative people from the
beginners to professionals. The style of remix is free for your mind. Audio CD with the single will be released on label "Dancecore United". All the money from selling this CD will be given for the treatment of 21 years girl Natasha.
You can bring by your creation the greatest benefit, what it is only possible - rescue life a girl!

MainstreaM is a music group of two ukrainian producers - O.K & Evidence. Acting heritage of the band - touring with Scooter around 5 cities of Ukraine ("We Like It Loud" ukrainian tour), acting like a member of Partystylerz at the
Dance Station huge rave in Saint-Petersburg (Russia), releases in Germany, UK, Ukraine, Russia, Estonia, 5 years working at ukrainian FM-stations, 2 own radioshows - REMIXoMANIA (Kiev, radio "Stolitsa" 105.5 FM, september2002 - december 2006) & uQraine United (Ukraine, radio "Star FM Ukraine", january-march 2007).

A girl has status suffered from Chernobyl AES. Natasha is patient with sharp leukemia, during treatment of which, at blood
transfusion Natasha was infected by hepatitis B + C . According to a diagnosis and decision of doctors - the unique possibility in Natasha's case is a course of treatment by preparations "Pegasis" 180 mgs (cost of one ampoule $370 ) For all treatment it is needed about 18 000$ and "Zidacxini" (cost of two ampoule $350 ) For all treatment it is needed about $16 800.
A course of treatment for 1 year costs  $34,800

In Kiev (Ukraine) there were already held many charity events, collecting approximately the third part of necessary on treatment facilities. The next event is planned in Saint - Petersburg (Russia).

Acapella and midi of the main melody you can download here: [contest finished]

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