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Defqon.1 - 25.06.2011 - Biddinghuizen, NL (line-up, video)

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В этом году :
1. Будет на новом месте
2. Целых 3 дня! с кемпингом
3. Будет выступать Украинка! Lady Kate (UKR)

Q-Dance just released all the info you need for Defqon.1 Festival 2011. This year's edition will take place on the 25th of June 2011 at Evenemententerrein Biddinghuizen.



Alpha2 (NL)
Alphaverb (NL)
Deepack (NL)
Josh & Wesz (NL)
Luna & Crypsis (NL)
Psyko Punkz (NL)
Ran-D & Adaro (NL)
The Pitcher (NL)
Titan (NL)
Waverider (NL)
Hosted by: MC Villain / MC Renegade / MC DV8

Alex Kidd (UK)
Louk (UK)
Kamui (DE)
Marcel Woods (NL)
Organ Donors (UK)
Ronald v. Gelderen (NL)
Wragg & Logg:One (UK)
Hosted by: MC V

Binum (FR)
Demoniak LIVE (BE)
Dr.Rude (NL)
Fenix (NL)
Playboyz (NL)
Ronald V (FR)
Royal S (NL)
Sjoeke (BE)
Hosted by: MC Vegas

Davidchristoph (AT)
Day-Mar (NL)
JulYukie (BRA)
Kammy (BRA)
Marco Remus (DE)
Robert Natus (DE)
Sandy Warez (BE)
Submerge (USA)
Tommy Four Seven (DE)
Hosted by: Alee

Amnesys (IT)
Distorted Revelation (NL)
Endymion 'Album Showcase' LIVE (NL)
Kasparov (NL)
Negative A (NL)
Outblast vs Angerfist (NL)
Promo vs Evil Activities (NL)
State Of Emergency (NL)
Tha PLayah LIVE (NL)
The Viper (NL)
Hosted by: Ruffian / Renegade

Dean Rodell (DE)
Lady Kate (UKR)
Ophidian vs D-Passion (NL)
Richie Gee (ES)
Synapse & Sei2ure (NL)
The DJ Producer (UK)
The Outside Agency (NL)
Tymon LIVE (AU)
Hosted by Mc Justice

Chris One (SE)
E-Force (NL)
Jack Of Sound (NL)
Kevin Kaos (NL)
Kodex (AU)
Luke Spellbound (AU)
Sound Freakerz (NL)
Stuback (NL)
The Machine (LT)
Wasted Penguinz (SE)
Winner Contest Digital Age 1
Winner Contest Digital Age 2
Hosted by: MC Shizzler

16Bit (UK)
Akkachar (NL)
Eye D & Hidden (NL)
Gomes (NL)
Henzel & Disco Nova (NL)
High Rankin (UK)
Niccon (NL)
The Bobby 6 Killers (NL)
Trasher (NL)
Hosted by: Dart

B-Front (NL)
Bioweapon & Toneshifterz (AU)
Digital Age Showcase & Wildstylez LIVE
Headhunterz & Wildstylez (NL)
Kutski (UK)
Noisecontrollers (NL)
Stana (SE)
Technoboy (IT)
The Prophet (NL)
Zatox (IT)
Hosted by: Ruffian / Villain / DV8

Bass D (NL)
Claudio Lancinhouse (IT)
Dune (DE)
Luna & Pavo "Early Hardstyle" (NL)
Marc Acardipane (DE)
Neophyte vs Partyraiser (NL)
Sequence & Omnious (NL)
The Darkraver (NL)
Yves DeRuyter (BE)
Vince (NL)
Hosted by: MC Da Syndrome

Ultra Violet:
A-Lusion (NL)
Bass Modulators (NL)
Brennan Heart (NL)
Coone (BE)
Dutch Master (NL)
Flarup & Activator (UK / IT)
Headhunterz (NL)
Isaac (NL)
Scope DJ (NL)
Second Identity (NL)
Slim Shore LIVE (NL)
Hosted by: MC Renegade

Dandi & Ugo (IT)
Dock 45 (NL)
GTronic (IT)
Henzel & Disco Nova (NL)
Het Schoolplein (NL)
Jim Justice (NL)
Pavelow (NL)
Space Pirates (NL)
Hosted by: MC Da Mouth of Madness

Defqon.1 Festival 2011 Anthem:
This years anthem is produced by no one less then the Noisecontrollers! Check out the Defqon.1 website for more information or listen to a preview of the anthem here:

Ticket sale:
This years ticket sale will start on Saturday April 9, 2011 at 13:00 GMT+1 on http://Q-Dance.nl.

As the tickets are very wanted, q-dance gives away pre-sale codes to the real Defqon.1 fans. This year 2000 of the best Q-Dance customers of 2010 are automatically selected. Next to that 5000 extra pre-sale codes will be given away here.

Another addition to this years edition is the camping, which is called "Defqon.1 Extended". By buying an Extended ticket you will gain lots of extra's:

Pre-party (Friday from 20:00 till 01:00 GMT+1) with:
Activator "Subsound" (IT)
Headhunterz (NL)
Psyko Punkz (NL)
Stephanie (IT)
Zatox (IT)
Hosted by: MC Jeff

Extra area during the festival (Exclusive for Defqon.1 Extended) with:
Carita la Nina (NL)
Luna & DHHD & Thilo & Evanti (NL)
Pavo (NL)
Technoboy (IT)
Hosted by: MC Rems

Afterparty (Saturday from 23:00 till 04:00 GMT+1) with:
Isaac (NL)
Mental Theo (NL)
Ruthless (NL)
The Nightstalkers
The Prophet (NL)
Wildstylez (NL)
Hosted by: MC Jeff

Location Biddinghuizen:
Spijkweg 30
8256 RJ Biddinghuizen
The Netherlands
http://www.q-dance.com/q/page/location/ ... huizen/370


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