Who is "Master & Servant" ?

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Who is "Master & Servant" ?

Сообщение Annihilating Rhythm » Чт дек 27, 2007 16:29 pm

Creative music producers often like to co-oparete together and create something interesting and fresh in the music world. It's everbody known that two heads - more productive that one.
Recently two well-known producers decided to push their new common project. Interesting was written in press-release that this projects reminds the sounds of The Disco Boys & Scooter.
We talk now about Gordon Hollenga (The Disco Boys) & Jay Frog (ex Scooter member). We don't know yet if that project is created for just booking or they plan to release own singles and maybe remixes.
The only thing we know now is that this will be electro-house project named as "Master & Servant"

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