"Sorrow" from Schiller

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"Sorrow" from Schiller

Сообщение Annihilating Rhythm » Чт дек 27, 2007 16:36 pm

One more wonderful artist will present us his new longplayer. This year he amazed ukrainian public by the brilliant show with live orchestra. We talk now about the german genious electronic and ambient music producer - Christopher von Deylen more known as Schiller. In early years his project was club and electronic but next years each album included something from live instruments. Christopher working with world-famous talents such as ATB, Gregorian, Kim Sanders, Sarah Brightman, Mike Oldfield and others. The fresh information appeared due to his official homepage. It is known that Shiller's new LP in progress and will be released on the 16th of February'2008. The name is also already available and sounds like Sehnsucht (the same as Rammstein's album:)
Before this huge release Christopher won't leave his fans without something interesting and one more release on Universal is out now. It's Cristopher 's favourite tracks compilation - Schiller - Pure (Playlist). Maybe he wants to tell us by this release what exactly music he adores.
current link : http://www.schillerserver.de/

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