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The other side of Scooter

Сообщение Annihilating Rhythm » Вс дек 30, 2007 2:48 am

During these days before New Year all our team would like to share something bright and kind to you.
And the last these news couldn't be missed by us.
Appears, that Scooter not only rave and jumpstyle mega-stars, travelling all over Europe and visiting all the night-clubs in the world:)
Appears, that the music and private life is not everything to them.

Recently we found interesting material where the artists invited the
family which has two children Malte and Stefan sick to their studio.
This was broadcasted on german TV news block.

This noble gesture shows us the other side of Scooter. We would like to add
that the whole family was very happy to be with favourite musicians as you'll see in the video. It's worth seeing in such wonderful X-mass and New Year time.

Rave, piece, love & unity!!!
Don't hide your love from the people!

video => ... om=&ucat=&

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