Exclusive Merry X-mas from Adam Nickey

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Exclusive Merry X-mas from Adam Nickey

Сообщение Annihilating Rhythm » Сб янв 05, 2008 23:35 pm


We wanted to present something interesting for you this Christmas and with great pleasure would like to share an ecxlusive interview with one of the brightest trance scene producers of our friendly neighbours Poland - Adam Nickey. If you still haven't aquainted with his compositions - it is worth clicking play track "number one" in our player and it's been for about a year when you can hear there Adam's "Perfect Destiny" sounds. That track was played also by ATB during his first arrival. If you would like to concentrate on Adam's full discography - we invite you to his official homepage : http://www.adamnickey.com/

Rave :: What do you feel often when you play on such massive big festivals with big names?

Adam :: When I'm playing the most important thing for me is when people know my tracks. If they know it is much easier and this is the best feeling.I’m the part of them. It’s a bit difficult to play with really big names because mostly people are waiting for the main star. Anyway I’m focused on myself. It doesn’t mather if before me is playing someone big. I do my job as good as I can. I’m playing my own music style….sometimes gently sometimes strongly.

Rave :: Many trance-lovers used to thing that real melodic soul trance was in the past (for example in 2000 year) and many tracks now just made for earning money. This nowadays tracks from big names are soulless or maybe not so good as before (f.ex. some elements of electro) How do you think what is happening with trance scene nowadays.

Adam :: I always say that the music is changing and this is normal process. We can’t stop it. Everyone could tell you that the producer should be original. If you're trying to achieve something original ….you are responsible for changes you are the part of it. Music producer can’t be original if he doesn't experiment with the music. That’s how the music evolved. Of course everything should have the border.

I think that the labels should be more open for the Trance music. It depends on them what you will be listening next year.

Regarding big names on trance scene. I think that they are so busy that sometimes they forget why they are on this place where they are. But that’s the price of being so popular. On the other hand who says that every track has to be 100 % HIT. The money are the big part of our life but not the most important. Anyway in my opinion we have so many great tracks that we can’t complain.

Rave :: If you had the choice to be on TOP in chart that is not fair, that changes the resluts for money or for something else. Would you stay there or maybe appear on lower position in some other charts but it will be really true.

Adam :: Look on my discography. Do you see there any tracks created because everyone wants to listening the Sean Tyas style... or….electro style ?? Definitely no. Absolutely

I'm the type of producer who’s on lower position…but still with my own style. Music production is big fun for me. Making music has to be pleasure for me. Every track has something new. It is risky but I always try to make something a bit different than my last single. Of course The TOP in charts is important but rather it has to be balance between my fans and music industry. You have to find the golden middle.

Rave :: .What is the aim of your creations, productions. What do you want to say by them? What is your message to our people, to people of our world.

Adam :: The main aim is making something new. Recently I 've tried to do something new….something original. If someone like the Adam Nickey's sounds … he knows that the new track will be different than the last one but also very interesting. I've received a hundred messages that my tracks are unusual and absorbed. I spend on the track a lot of time. I'm focused on one track and I'm thinking about every small sound and detail of it. Every track has a small part of me. Just close your eyes and you feel it. I put a lot of heart to my music and people also feel that. I know it because they're writing to me and they're sharing with their emotions. That’s amazing !!

Rave :: If you had the chance to change everything in our life - what would you change firstly and why?

Adam :: I have no idea. I accept my life. Life is too short to thinking about different options. Every day I thank God for every new day he gives me.

Rave :: .Imagine please the situation that some unliked by you producer asks for remix. Your reaction:) Will you make the remix due to good song or will you
won't - because of unliked producer:))

Adam :: What's a question. I really don’t know. I have never had this kind of situation. When I receive remix request from labels for me the most important is the track. If I like the original mix I agree to remix it. Sometimes the motivation could be bigger if I make remix for someone really important…..anyway I always trying to put on the remix a part of me.

Rave :: We would like to say to you Merry Christmas!!!! Can you say something good to all your fans in Ukraine please

Adam :: Of course. Merry Christmas to all my fans in Ukraine. Thank you for your support !! If you feel good because of my music … that’s the most important for me. Keep an eyes open for my new tracks.

Rave :: thank you., Adam!!

Adam :: My pleasure !!! Thank you and I hope to see you soon. Cheers


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