Axel Coon's exclusive interview!!

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Axel Coon's exclusive interview!!

Сообщение Annihilating Rhythm » Чт фев 14, 2008 11:35 am

Axel Coon is mega-bomb producer from Germany, the Aqualoop Records's artist released many successful singles like "Close to you", "Lamenting City", and remixes famous all over the world. We appreciate his attention very much and respect his works. Because it's real rave! The latest Axel's single is cover version of charming Beverly Craven ballade from early 90s - "Promise Me".

Also he is interested in jumpstyle and you can hear that by his remixes for example for
Der Hollander - Das Rote Pferd.

Now he's on line with us and ready to tell something special for fans in Russia and Ukraine. During the interview you will know about the efforts to kill the dance scene in the world, about his attitude to hard stuff nowadays, about how is important to feel music, about the most important things in his life and many more of course...

Thank you Axel!

Rave: How did you get the idea to re-work Beverly Craven's hit "Promise Me", as far as we know you wanted to release that single long time before actualy right after "Close to you".


Axel: Right, basicly this song should have been released after my single “close to you”. Unfortunately I was not in the position to produce this song in the right direction as per my imagination. I broke up and produced my follow up single “lamenting city”. At this time I prefered this sounds and it was just easy to brang this track to its end!

Rave: Can you share you thoughts about the future of dance/techno/hardstyle/jump music whatever, what is gonna happen or what differences can be added to nowadays music in the future. Just you viewpoint.

Axel: I think, we already crossed the zenith. Its to late to challenge what will happen with our music. In face of all constrictions, all kinds of electronic dance music are still alive. All tv channels canceled there dance shows from there program, to be honest, the shows have been eleminated. The biggest German music award “Echo” canceled the category “Dance” as well. In respect of all there efforts to kill the dance scene, the scene survived. Same here in Germany. The scene is on the upswing to boom. There are no breaks any longer, where the Techno-DJ has to quit his set at the prime time for a Hip-Hop DJ. This times are yesteryears!

In the metropolitan discos, Hip-Hop will only be played on the second dance-floors. Dance is the future! You can hear dance elements, which was unbelievable in the past. Timbaland productions has been composed with synth-sounds; lo and behold?

Rave: Are you interested in progressive trance. music and do you plan to proceed in this styles of music?

Axel: To be honest, that isn`t really my bizz. I am not the type of guy who is checking the whole new stuff every week. In the moment I have my focus on my own sounds and I never check other tracks during my producing, or better; I won?t!

Rave: Are you still in love with hard music styles (hardcore/hardstyle for example) and can you feel when people want to hear while your set hard music exactly? What do you think should be more in track - beautiful melody or rough hard beats?

Axel: Actually I totally quit playing all the hardstyle stuff and i have no records like this in my case already. In some way it becomes a bit boring to me. I played hardstyle a very long time, befor it comes to a trend like nowadays. Hardstyle means nothing to me any longer!


Rave: Как твоя дружба с Феррисом? Вы до сих пор друзья? Может поделишься последними новостями от него...

Rave: How is it going with your friendship with Ferris - are you still friends? Maybe some news from him and from you together?

Axel: Oh yes! We are calling very often. He is doing very well. He is producing with his partner Kai music for TV shows. They are very busy and they have a lot of requests.

Rave: Often dj's and music producers want to tell some message or share their feelings by creating and producing tracks. What is your message to the people of the world, to your fans and friends?

Axel: Have fun and enjoy the music. I am not a god or poet. Always when I am sitting in my studio, I just let my feelings roll. I does not really matter, what people think about my music, it just has to be “rock”!

Rave: Do you actually care about positions in charts, or you think that true love of fans can be - real present to you and more inportant than high positions.

Axel: I don`t care about the charts, its like a record review. Music is absolutely emotional. If I like a song, it does not matter at which ranking this song is listed in the charts. How will a named music critic explain, what this music really is? Its impossible to explain. You just have to feel it! The charts are not very important to me. More important is to see the crowd going crazy while listening to my singles.

Rave: Pls tell us what important things in your life are...

Axel: More than the most important thing in my life is, that my family is doing well and healthy. I am in a relationship with my girlfriend “Nicole” about 6 years and we have a very sweet dog “Maya” since 3 years. They make my day every day. Its more than words can say. What could be nicer than this? Ok, to make music !

Greetings and thanks to all of my fans in Russia and Ukraine.
I hope I will get the chance to come over as soonest I can.


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Сообщение Doctor Tunez » Чт фев 14, 2008 21:25 pm

Ух - ты !!! Классная фотка !!! Олегу респект - с такими людьми как великий Ax. Coon видеться , да еще и выступать!!! Это уже огромное достижение!!!

А кто там слева??? Может какой то диджик, которого я не знаю ?? кто знает ??? :wink:
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