Exclusive StaRAVE interview :: Mental Theo : More bass and H

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Exclusive StaRAVE interview :: Mental Theo : More bass and H

Сообщение Annihilating Rhythm » Ср мар 10, 2010 17:07 pm

rave:: . Hi, Mental! The old-school'est rave site in EU rave.com.ua says hello 2 u and that was our dream to speak 'bout your success and about all your plans 4 the future. Firstly, can u tell us what do you remeber about Eastern Europe (Russia?) сan u remember something?))
Mental:: Oh yes !! It was a great gig and we did 2 in a row, the place was really big and the crowd was wicked, everything was well organised by the boys in Moscow and the people where so friendly, it was funny that everybody knew our tracks. Also Moscow was beautifull end very cold , h aha we'll never forget that party over there and i'm looking forward to go back to the east part of europe.

rave:: .That's right and of course each musician and dj likes to travel. What countries would you like to visit you've never been to yet?
Mental::: Oh hard question, i've been arround between Australia and the USA, but i never played in Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Hungary, Ukraine and Moldova, Argentina, Brazil, maybe the are not into the harder sounds ?

rave:: Oh - we don't think so;))) anyway what festival from all these years of success do you remeber mostly and why?)
Mental::: Love parade in Berlin, whoo so many people and in 1996 we had a massive hit with wonderfull days in germany, what a party, and of course Nature One last year, 85000 people, in scotland Fantasia rave 18000 crazy fans out there, Finland Mayday (beautifull girls), New York Limelight, a crazy Hardcore acid party with very strange people, ha ha

rave:: To keep on talking about events - what is your attitude to Rainbow Rave events - as far as we know they are mostly the one who arranges this kind of happy hardcore events. And what is happy hardcore in general for you, is it just old-school sweet memories or you think that music will be mainstream soon as in 90s?
Mental:: : Happy hardcore is more than only the commercial hits, its goes back to the early 90's with funny hardcore tracks with non commercial meaning, the good this about Rainbow Rave's and Happy and Early parties is that you can play all kind of styles mixed up, So the party is more suprising than only with happy sounds, the combination of old and New makes it better.

rave:: then don't you want to make electro-sound tracks in the future? (pls don't;))))
Mental:: : i like the sound, even Dj Paul Elstak playes @ this kind of parties but to make this sound, hmmmm no i prefer the harder styles and for my dj set ill produce remixes of well known tracks and put them into a Hardcore Jacket !! More bass and Hardcore kicks.

rave::.I see with electro then are you into trance style tracks? Have you thought of making tracks together with Ferry Corsten or Armin for example as we've seen you on the pic together.
Mental:: Ferry Corsten and Armin are very good friends of mine and i could do it , but i dont like the soft trance sound, even hardstyle is a little weak for me

rave::.What are you planning with Oliver Dune and with Charly Lownoise? As far as we know it's hvc 2010 - will the vocals be refreshed and what's the syle of "I will come running".
Mental:: About Hardcore vibes : it will be a hardstyle mix with new Raps and lyrics mixed with the old voices, release hopefully before the summer, reason !!! i'm to bussy , sorry for that. About Running : Its hardstyle with a rocky touch, remixed by a guy from Russia, and re remixed by Charly and Theo Again

rave:: If you like the track that made by ordinary guys - not stars of dance music - can you be interested in it and then to cooperate with them somehow like with this guy from Russia?
Mental:: Shure why not, i just signed a track rom a guy who came up to me when i was playing, he give me his idea which was great, I helped him with the vocals and we'll gonna release the track togheter, somethimes you're lucky to meet new fresh producers.

rave:: Сould you tell the story about making huge hit "Now you're gone" and the presence in this track Basshunter?
Mental::: It was funny, i produced it in the same week as the single of Basshunter came out in Sweden, i did the english cover, and it took more than a year before Jonas ( basshunter) called me. He wanted a big hit all over the world and he needed a english version he had heart on youtube, he3 says that 6.000.000 people had listen to it, so i sad oke but we'll do it togehter. with Bazzhead's Sebastian Westwood the singer. we sold millions of records worldwide.

http://rave.com.ua/index.php?subaction= ... om=&ucat=&

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