Exclusive StaRAVE interview :: Brooklyn Bounce

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Exclusive StaRAVE interview :: Brooklyn Bounce

Сообщение Annihilating Rhythm » Пн мар 22, 2010 23:05 pm

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Rave :: Hi, Brooklyn Bounce team!!!! Thank you for your attention to us! Your project rocks the dance scene more than 10 years. Why you started to appear less on TV and there are not so many videoclips as you had before, comparing with the 90s?

BB :: well we would love to be more on TV and do more videos ;.-) ,but times change and if the mass media doesnґt give you that much attention anymore you have to stick to your roots and work more in clubs and with pure dance media !
Rave :: Who is the face of the project nowadays and whom we can see on stage while live acting? Does the concept (conception/idea) of Brooklyn Bounce still work as before?

BB :: right now BB is MC Diablo and me DJ Bonebreaker ! we also have two dancers that are always on stage with Diablo and some times me aswell :-) so basically the same concept as before :-)
Rave :: There’s no secret today that's no sence to release albums, then what is BB strategy of recording new stuff, are you planning to release DVD or new singles in the nearest future? Our congratulation with the Crazy'2010 release!

BB :: we are working on an album right now called X-Files ! itґs a long time already since the last one and this will be a special one ,thatґs why we are also doing all these cooperations with re-releases of older tracks ! itґs part of teh concept of the album :-)
Rave :: What is your attitude to the endless rip-offs and covers of BB's original tracks, which seem to be appear every month, do you think that it’s positive for the promotion of Brooklyn Bounce?

BB :: as I mentioned in the last question ,itґs part of the concept of the album X-Files ! And we also think it will help get Brooklyn Bounce back in the spotlight before we do new stuff :-)

Rave :: Whom from the dance scene of the world you would like to create a track together with ? Who are you friends?

BB :: we always wanted to do something with scooter since we know them since we started ! but they are much bigger than we are these days so couldnґt convince them to do a song with us so far :-(

Rave :: If BB will lose their producer – would be the chance for the project to continue without him?;)))))))))))))

BB :: I'm the producer so there will always be me so there will always be Brooklyn Bounce :-)

Rave :: What countries/places/venues did you like more while touring and what festival impressed you much at all?.

BB ::I love the festivals in the US they are crazy ! But most of the times I play in clubs around the world ! I love alot of venues in Australia ,but also Danemark,Germany,Poland,Russia,Canada and and and ;-)

Rave :: What Brooklyn Bounce knows about countries of Eastern Europe and special for promoters – pls give the booking contacts.

BB ::We love to play and perform in Eastern Europe ! Lately itґs been a little quiet ,but we hope to change that again ! ;-)
we donґt have a special agency for eastern europe ! you can contact our label under "booking@mentalmadness.de" or "info@mentalmadness.de" they do bookings world-wide for us :-)

Rave :: thank u very much, Dennis!! and have a great new succesful releases!!!

BB :: thank you and all the best to our fans ! keep bouncin ! ;-) Best Brooklyn Bounce DJ Bonebreaker !

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