Exclusive StaRAVE interview :: 666

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Exclusive StaRAVE interview :: 666

Сообщение Annihilating Rhythm » Вс апр 04, 2010 23:57 pm

Rave :: Hi, 666!!!! Thank you for your attention to us! Why is so demonic in the name of the project? Do you believe in God?;))))))))))

666 :: Hi there! It's a pleasure for us to be here ! Simply to get attention.. That was the aim back in 1997 and it worked very well ! We are no satanistics or something like that.... And believing in god.. Hmmm is a very difficult question indeed and cannot be answered that easy!

Rave :: Is the concept (conception/idea) of 666 still working as before? Who is the face of the project nowadays and whom we can see on stage while live acting?

666 :: The concept, as you call it, is still working and fans are even expecting that from 666! DEMON is the face of 666 since SUPADUPAFLY in 2001 and the girls always have been changing from time to time ;o)

Rave :: Where did you get an idea to make Whoomp, that is almost sounds like mash-up track. Am I right?

666 ::Yes WHOOMP! Is a mash up of our Hit SUPADUPAFLY and TAG TEAMS WHOOMP! (there it is). The Idea came from our publishers BUDDE music in Berlin, they've asked us to make a new version in co-op with Tag Team, and we did :-)

Rave :: Do you know that in ukrainian Dupa means ass;)))))))) is there a wish to learn more ukrainian or russian words to use them in a new material for 666 or other projects?

666 :: No, we didn't know :-)Yeah, we recently used a few russian phrases in some other tracks ! Although it was not a 666 tune !

Rave :: Your project rocks the dance scene more than 10 years. Why you started to appear less on TV and there are not so many videoclips as you had before, comparing with 90s?

666 :: Yes, we were much more on stage, than on records the last years but we are working on a change! Due to the reason that the music industry has changed a lot ,it is much hader nowadays to appear as much as it was during the 90ties!

Rave :: What is your attitude to the endless rip-offs and covers of 666 original tracks, which seem to appear every month, do you think that it's positive for the promotion of 666?

666 :: Again a difficult question.. If someone is just doing a nonprofit remix for private use, we are very fine with it.. But loads of tracks that appears here and there ,which are using our vocals or leads ,don't credit us and that is illegal and we are not tolerate this!

Rave :: With whom from the dance scene of the world you would like to create a track together? Who are you friends?

666 :: I think 666 vs SNAP! would be great! And we have already had a little chat with Michael Menzing about it.. So who knows ;o) We have a few good buddies like AXEL COON, SHAUN BAKER, RICO BERNASCONI.. Only to name a few.

Rave :: There'Їs no secret today that is no sence to release albums, then what is 666 strategy of recording new stuff, are you planning to release DVD or new singles in the nearest future?

666 :: Nowadays it is all digital... It how the consumer and fan likes to have the new material.. We've just released Whoomp! (supadupafly) in co-op with the world famous TAG TEAM and it is already a big success all over the globe!

Rave :: What countries/places/venues did you like more while touring and what festival impressed you much?.

666 :: RUSSIA, SCANDINAVIA and FRANCE are very great.. Those people know how to party a lot :-)

Rave :: If 666 will lose their producer )) would be the chance for the project to continue without him?;)))))))))

666 :: 100% - NO ;-)

Rave :: What 666 know about countries of Eastern Europe and special for promoters pls give the booking contacts.

666 :: 666@world-concerts.de

Rave :: We wish see you more and more here!! Good luck 2 666 and 2 the whole Airbase Media!!!

666 :: THANKS a lot ! And big shouts to the fans of 666 !!!

;-) ;-) ;-)

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