Exclusive StaRAVE interview :: Roger Shah

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Exclusive StaRAVE interview :: Roger Shah

Сообщение Annihilating Rhythm » Чт апр 29, 2010 11:41 am


rave :: What are your impressions about two visits to Ukraine, and aren’t you embarrassed that they were in winter, would you like to arrive here in summer?

roger :: i love the ukraine and the people, both visits been always a highlight of each year and i really hope that i can come back this year. the winter has been cold as expected, but was ok. sure mr balearic would love to play there also in summer.

rave :: You travel all around the globe and of course you’ve seen some enormously beautiful places – what place of those would you chose to spend the last days of your life?

roger ::haven't found the right place yet and to be honest i don't wanna think about the rest of my life or last days right now. you are right, there are so many beautiful places, when i made a decision i will let you know :-)

rave :: How can you explain the evolution of your music from 90-s and till now. Why does it sound nowadays that way and do you feel nostalgia while hearing your old tracks?

roger :: when i started i did and tried a lot of different styles of music and worked mainly as a producer in the background, from dance pop tracks to really hard techno stuff as well. when i listen to my old tracks from the 90's i'm more wondering how i could get the one or other crap track signed to a major company, haha

rave :: What caused the appearance of balearic style of music – did you want to differ from other musicians or it happened by its way?

roger ::it happened by it's natural way, i like trance music and the melodies and vocals, but not the kind of usual sounds and grooves, so i just created the music the way i love it. the fact that i created my own kind of sub genre is a cool effect but was never a plan. at the end i'm happy that people started to love it and follow my work.

rave :: Are you still friends with Klubbingman or Sash who supported you and your music in 2000s, as far as we remember?

roger ::i never been so connected with the sash possee, but sure i stil have a connection to klubbingman, he lives not that far away from my house, so sometimes we find the time to talk, but not that often.

rave :: How do you think is it important to become more famous while climbing the highest positions in charts or the only important thing is just music?

roger ::i think the music is the key to everything and for me it's all about the passion and love to the music. to be able to fly all around the world and share my music with the people is still unbeleivable for me, like living my dream.

rave :: Are you planning to release DVD and to arrange big solo concerts like Armin Only?

roger ::it's too early to do it now, but for the fact that all my shows have that kind of live character it will be a natural evolution to do something like this, too when the time is right

rave :: Do you like as a real german man – hard stlyles of music like hardcore, gabba etc. and your attitude to them?

roger ::i hate it!

rave :: How do you like to spend your free time?

roger :: with my family and friends but there's not really spare time left.

rave ::Our site is celebrating 10 years anniversary and the question is about rave – what is real rave for you nowadays and does this meaning “rave” differ from itself in 90s.

roger ::i was never really involved in to a rave scene or underground wave. i think nowadays everything is labeled into a genre and sub genre and also the raves have more like brands and turned into big festivals. at the end it's all about music, that's it!

http://www.rave.com.ua/index.php?subact ... om=&ucat=&

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