Exclusive StaRAVE interview :: Mark Oh

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Exclusive StaRAVE interview :: Mark Oh

Сообщение Annihilating Rhythm » Вс сен 19, 2010 4:39 am


rave:: Hi, Marko! It’s very nice to get an opportunity to interview you. We remember you since early 90's and you are still rave legend for us - so we hope to hear from you more as soon as it will be possible. The first question is why have you decided to change your music style from happy hardcore and euro-trance/dancecore style to electro-house? Maybe we can expect new work in another style? Tell us more about this please.

Marko:: Hi, rave! During the past years dacemusic changed a lot. It is a natural process.As a DJ and producer it is important to be at the pulse of the time.I try to create my own vision of electrohouse. You can expect my new single during this fall.

rave:: We wish a huge success to your new single! How is it going with your latest album which included many nice tracks - for example one of our favorites "Don't Leave Me". Are you recorded it with other people or produced the whole album by yourself - do you still think that artist should release albums on CD or you prefer digital downloadings nowadays?

Marko:: I produced this album by myself,but with a little help of other guys and friends. I think in the future there will be only be music downloads and music should be for free. So that our productions only promote the artists.

rave:: We agree with that. During the latest gig Marusha played two of her most famous tracks in a happy hardcore style in original versions. It was unbeleivable to hear in 2010. Are you still playing that sound or it depends on line-up, the plot of the party and so on. And what do you think - is there an opportunity for happy hardcore to become popular as 15 years ago.

Marko:: I play 2 different DJ sets.The first mainly included eletrotracks,the other one is a mix between electro and old stuff,but the second one is only reseved for special events.In my opinion there will be no comeback of happy hardcore,because every time has it's own music.

rave:: Can you please remember what thing or person impressed you much that you started creating your first tracks - what caused this?

Marko:: It was a kind of virus, which touched me and all my friends in the early 90's.It was the sound and the spirit of a new genereation. Everithing was new and exciting.

rave:: As a real german man we are interested to know your opinion about Love Parade tragedy.

Marko:: The only place where the Love Parade should be celebrated is Berlin.Cause this city is the homebase.There is enough space that there never could happen such a terrible tragedy like in Duisburg.

rave:: You are one of the most old german dance musicians and we proud of it - you played often at Loveperade. What can you say about this festival through years not taking the tragedy. What changed and why aren't you presented at Loveparade so often as in 90s?

Marko:: Today the music of the Love Parade is very clubby.My music is too commercial for this event at these times.

rave:: Getting back to your tracks - your latest single "Scatman" was dedicated to the memory of that beautiful man and musician. Where did you get the idea to make a cover of "Scatman" and did you know him personally?

Marko:: I met him a few times and he was realy a nice guy! A friend of mine produced the first version of "Scatman",so is wasen't a long way to get idea to do a new version.

rave:: We remember the jumpstyle era and that you released a cover called "I don't like mondays". Why do you think the jumpstyle movement became less popular nowadays - how did you know about jumpstyle?

Marko:: Jumpstyle was a short and funny episode. But is hasn't the potential to become bigger.

rave:: We saw you discussed one of Scooter's last singles "Ti Sento" on youtube in a special broadcast. Do you often critisize releases of other artists and are you friend of Scooter - would you like to create something with them and what is your attutude to their version of" Stuck on you";)))

Marko:: I have never done this. There are a lot of "Mark Oh's" in the world wide web,they use my name as a pseudonym. It is not my way to critisise any other musician in public. I know the guys of scooter,but that's it. We developed in different directions,so in my eyes there will be no cooperation.

My attitude to "Stuck on you"? It exists only one real dance version of this song! ;)

rave:: Are you such person who likes to travel much - what is your favourite place on earth and festival and give the contacts of your bookings for the promoters please.

Marko:: I don't like to travel that much,because I do it over 20 years.But playing in different clubs is still a pleasure! My fafourite place is my bed ;O) But I like some spanish islands, too. My booking contact is http://www.markoh.com/

rave:: Thanks so much and we will cross the fingers for your new releases!!!

http://rave.com.ua/index.php?subaction= ... om=&ucat=&

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