Exclusive StaRAVE interview :: Bass-D!

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Exclusive StaRAVE interview :: Bass-D!

Сообщение Annihilating Rhythm » Вт ноя 16, 2010 7:43 am

rave :: Hello Bass-D. You are legend for us. Ans this is big honor to make an interview with you. We all know your incredible productions and especially old school ones. Tell us please, what caused your love to happy hardcore & hardcore music. When did you start and how was the music situation in the world during that time?

Bass-d :: I started Dj-ing when I was 14 years old in a small club in my hometown. I played everything back then, R&B, Hiphop, commercial pop music, house etc etc. When I was 19 I became the Dutch DJ Champion and started focusing on house and hardcore music. The music situation was different back then, Internet was just starting up, so that was really slow + you had to pay for every minute you were on it so no music was distributed through there, everything was still vinyl and cd's. big compilations sold 10-thousands of copies, sometimes even 100's of thousands, that was really great back then.

rave :: How can you characterize the situation with happy hardcore music nowadays. Do you think this style can be on top in the future as all dj's and radio stations loved to play it everywhere like in sweet 90-s?

Bass-d :: The Happy hardcore music nowadays is just as underground as the rest of the hardcore music, maybe even more. I don't think radio stations will ever play it as much as in the 90's anymore and maybe it's better this way ;)

rave :: You often made remixes with Matthijs Hazeleger (King Matthew). Are you still friends? Are you still working with him and performing with him? Сan you share us your nearest plans about your music productions please?

Bass-d :: Yes, me and Matthew are still friends, I don't perform with him that much but we do team up from time to time, depends on the bookings etc. Matthew is one of the people behind Art Of Dance so he doesn't always have the time to DJ.

I'm working on some remixes of my older tracks now, I stopped producing hardcore in 2003 because I was empty, all inspiration was gone... in 2006 I made one track with outblast and matthew, called The Genesis, but now I think my inspiration is back and I'm in my studio now writing this interview haha (that's why you had to wait so long for me to answer hahahaha)

rave :: You are often guests at Rainbow-Rave and Happy Hardcore events in Holland and Germany. What do you feel when you perform there, nostalgic or you see new generation who likes old school tunes and happy for them too. Tell us something interesting about these events.

Bass-d :: Those parties are great. I love the music and the atmosphere there, people singing etc. I feel really nostalgic when I'm there but I also see a lot of new kids, trying and practicing the dance and they know the music and I think that's very good, We need new blood behind and in front of the dj-booth ;)

rave :: Let us flashback to the past. You started playing as a dj when you were only 14 years old. What music did you play then and what age you started to produce music.

Bass-d :: I started producing the same age, but that was just hip-hop and sometimes r&b in the bedroom, with one casio keyboard, a 4 channel taperecorder, a turntable and a microphone, together with some friends. It started getting serious at 19 when I became champion and I had to do a mix cd, I produced one track for that cd, after that I got in touch with recordlabels and things started rolling.

rave :: With whom of happy and hardcore producers are you still friends and with whom is it pleasant for you to play nowadays?

Bass-d :: I think all producers in our scene are friends, some closer than others but there are no real enemies out there, if there are I missed it haha, but for me definitely not.
I like to play with everyone, we all are professionals and with enough respect and experience we can play with who-ever we like. but looking in the past, I really loved playing with King Matthew of course, Outblast, Predator, Darkraver, Panic, Paul Elstak, Vince and Dr Rude...

rave :: As far as we know you are also house producer. What style of house music do you play and how often people can see you in Holland playing house. What is situation with electronic dance music in Holland in general nowadays?

Bass-d :: I play dutch house music and big room electro and eclectic, you know, afrojack, chuckie, sidney samson style. I don't play that much because the focus is still on Bass-D and Hardcore of course, but I think twice a month. Electronic house music is doing really well here, it's topping the charts, dutch singers are working with house producers now, it's crazy. DJ's are the new artists of the future.

rave :: Are you still opened for cooperations with unknown producers from all over the world? How people can send you demos or you are closed to that now?

Bass-d :: Well, first I have to get my flow back, so working with other people, even well-known producers is not my priority right now. As for sending demo's, sure people can send them but I don't have my own label anymore so it's actually no use to send it to me. unknown producers should send their music to people who can put it out there on their labels, that's better for them.

rave :: And share please your booking contacts for eastern promoters to get a chance to book you. Thank you sooo much, Eugenio!

Bass-d :: I can be booked at www.mostwanted.dj and people can find me on twitter and facebook, http://twitter.com/DJ_BassD and http://www.facebook.com/BassD37

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