Exclusive StaRAVE interview :: 4 tune fairytales

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Exclusive StaRAVE interview :: 4 tune fairytales

Сообщение Annihilating Rhythm » Сб дек 25, 2010 11:25 am

Rave :: Hi, Lilian. rave.com.ua site has an honor to get an interview with such an amazing lady - diva of happy hardcore, our favorite style of music. It's been much time since we last heard about you. So we'd like to know more about your present life, music activities and future plans. But to start with can you tell us what caused the beginning of your legendary "4 tune fairytales band"? Who was the creator and are you still friends with the whole crew of 4 tune?

Lilian :: 4 Tune fairytales was created by Patrick Bakker and Risky Ricky, we are still performing sometimes and Ricky is always comming along and still a good friend. I am also still good friends with my MC Kenny T and the dancers Ivan, Ramon and Naci

Rave :: The question you probably are tired of answer but what has happened to your album Fantasies? Why it hasn't had a release and how did you managed to work with ID &T & Pengo records in 90's?

Lilian :: ID&T decided not to release the album, because there was an overload of happy hardcore at a certain moment in Holland and the radio djs made kind of a boycot on happy hardcore because there was so much shit music at that time, and worse of all two of the important dj's at that time at the most important radio station 538 made their own happy hardcore act, called lipstick made by Michael pilarzik and then there was Nakatomi wich was created by Wessel van Diepen who later created the Vengaboys, so they wanted to play their own songs on the radio the whole time. These acts where performed by dansers and models, not by singers, the tracks were recorded with studio artists. ID&T did not want to take the risk the album would not be a succes and in Holland the Happy hardcore was slowly dying out.

Rave :: We all love your videos but could you point out your favorite one and can you remember some funny or interesting facts of shooting those videos. Would you like to shoot more videos for some other tracks of an album?

Lilian :: I love the video from take me 2 wonderland, because a lot of my friends are in it, even my best friends daughter, she is the little princes throwing the flowers. But the nicest and the most profesional video is the ding a dong video, recorded on Ibiza it was also the most expensive clip I made.

Rave :: You are amazing beautiful lady. Tell us about your hobbies, activities and how do stay so fit with such fascinating figure. Is this all because of performances or are you fond of some shaping, athletics or aerobics?

Lilian :: LOL thanx for your compliments but I am not so fanatic in aerobics, all the performances ofcourse did a lot for my body, you have to be in good shape to keep up with such a fast beat evening after evening. I recently discoverd Bikram yoga wich I love it is yoga in a very hot room, and it is very intensive not really relaxing, and that keeps me good in shape, I also like to ride my bike in the summer.

Rave :: You live in Holland. Can you share with us your thoughts about music industry in the Netherlands nowadays? Would you like to be involved in it or 4 tune fairytales is enough for you? What other style of music do you like and whom of famous producers would you like to work with?

Lilian :: I have to correct you at the moment I am living in Kopenhagen Danmark, but ofcourse I am often in Holland to see my family and friends and sometimes 4 tune f. is booked at some back to the old dayz partys and the are mostly in Holland. I still think a lot of Hollands music industry is owned by people who own the radiostations, just like I explaned about Nakatomi, Lipstick and the vengaboys, so it is not a really fair play, but still it is possible with the right production at the right time.I have been working with DJ the Prophet in the last few years and did some studio work with him, he is a great guy and a great producer, but all we did was really underground so no top charts to achieve. I had a club hit with Jaimy & Kenny D called Keep on touching me and that song was also remixed and release in the USA by Eric Morillo, I"ve been partying in Ibiza myself when this clubhit came along many times and I was just one of the crowd dancing to my own tune without anybody knowing that that vocal was me besides my close friends ofcourse, they knew it was me! Very funny experience!! Jaimy & Kenny D are also close friends of me and sad enough I dont record so much with them anymore because I moved to danmark, but who knows in the future we might jump in the studio togheter again.

Rave :: You often perform at Rainbow-Rave events. What is for you this festival? Whom are you friends with other dj's or groups in happy hardcore style and will we see you on other events in Holland or Germany soon?

Lilian :: I love performing at the rainbowrave it is really an oldschool party with all oldschool friends. I love Critical Mass, we had such a good time together we got send to schotland together to do a big rave in the old days and it is always nice to see them again at one of the oldschool party's. Ludmilla is a great singer and they had really good tracks in the old days, tracks I still like to hear today!!

Rave :: 4 tune fairytales has unique style of dance. The dancing guys perform very brightly. Do they create that style by themselves and who is head chief of dancing and creating moves in 4 tune?

Lilian :: The dancers made the choreography themselves and if we perform recently the steps are still the same ones we used back then, but the are a little out of time if you ask me LOL, but still funny to do and we always have so much fun together on stage, that most people think it is funny to watch us just because we enjoy it so much!

Rave :: What can you say to all your fans throughout the world in forthcoming Christmas and 2011 year. We wish you big more prosperity, more happiness, to stay so beautiful and to keep ourselves happy with you 4 tune fairytales group!

Lilian :: I say, Keep your dreams alive keep on raving and let your little fantasy become a big reality! Dance your dreams into the world, so the world will become a wonderland!! Merry X-mas and thanx to everybody that keeps the memory of 4TF alive

Rave :: By the way, rave.com.ua is celebrating 11 years on line. If you wish you can say a few words of congratulations)))))

Lilian :: Congratulations RAVE.COM.UA with your 11 years old B-day, and hopefully you will be there for 111 years more!!!

Rave :: Thank you, Lilian so much again!!!
Lilian :: Your so welcome!!!!! With Kind regards Lilian

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